– a friedly reminder on water and madness


An icelandic presentetion in concert version of Finn Iunker´s


in icelandic translation and original musical score by Atli Ingólfsson


With 24 participants from the girl´s choir Stulknakor Reykjavikur, international crew with tremendous musicians from Sweden, USA and The Netherlands, as well as with 3 participants from the original Cinnober stage production of 2012, Finn iunker´s Play Alter Native is now performed for the first time in Iceland. 


The performances will take place at the Art museum Hafnarborg in Hafnarfjördur, some kilometers outside Reykjavik, on the weekend 7-8 of October.



In a kingdom the people were all drinking from the same source,

The main river running through the state.

This river got polluted.

When the people drank from it, they got mad.

Since they were all mad, they thought they were normal.

The king drank from another river, running through his castle.

Since they thought they were normal,

They thought the king was the one who was mad,

Because they understood that he was different from them.

They wanted to overthrow the king,

Because of the king’s madness.

In order to calm them down,

And to keep his job

(Which he loved, and he loved his people),

The king drank from the polluted river.

The king went insane,

And the people continued to worship him.




Stulknakor Reykjavikur (Reykjviks flickkör - IS)


Choir leaders:

Sigridur Soffia Haflidadóttir (IS)

Gudrun Arny Gudmundsdóttir (IS)



Alfrun Örnolfsdottir (IS)

Arnar Dan Kristjansson (IS)



Jon Svavar Jósefsson (IS)


Recorders: Anna Petrini (SE)

Viola: Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir (IS)

Harp: Katie Buckley (US)

Percussion: Frank Aarnink (NE)

Music and iclandic production: Atli Ingólfsson (IS)

Dramaturg: Svante Aulis Löwenborg (SE)

Technical Assistant: Saevar Helgi Jóhannsson (IS)


At The Hafnarborg Museum, Hafnarfjördur 7 and 8 October 18:00-19.15

Since 1996 the Cinnober company has been introducing new drama text and new musical theatre into the region of the west of Sweden.


2010 the Cinnober company opened a venue in the west coast capital Gothenburg. Cinnober has an international, as well as national and local programme. The venue is situated in the part of Gothenburg called Masthugget.


Placed between independent company Masthuggsteatern and artistic collective Skogen, with venues of their own, Cinnober is part of what we call Teaterterrassen, The Theatre Terrace, all residing in the same house. In fact, there is six different performing spaces in the house. The three companys produce separate artistic programmes but is cooperating regularly with technical and personal support.


Cinnober play texts which we believe adds to the future of theatre. We have introduced playwrights that we believe are great names and that has played far too seldom in Sweden, or which has made their debut on stage at Cinnober or has had their first international or swedish premier in a production by Cinnober. Of these can be mentioned:


Thomas Bernhard (AUS) 
Thomas Brussig (DE) 
Michael Farin (DE)
Jon Fosse (NO) 
Athol Fugard (SAR) 
Finn Iunker (NO) 
Elfriede Jelinek (AUS)
Fredrik Nyberg (SE)
Thomas Jonigk (DE)
Sarah Kane (GBR) 

Romuald Karmakar (FRA)
Stig Larsson (SE)
Dea Loher (DE)
Albert Ostermaier (DE)
Werner Schwab (AUS)
Vladimir Sorokin (RUS)
Maria Tryti Vennerød (NO)

Ludvig Uhlbors (SE)

Cinnober has produced several Drama Installations, with sound sculptures by finnish artist Dan Tommi Hildén, also in cooperation with the norwegian writer Jon Fosse.

Cinnober presented 24 dramatic texts in the series Teaterbaren (The Theatre Bar) at the venue Atalante in Gothenburg during the years 2003-2007. To name a few, Christoffer Barnett, Igor Bauersima, Daniel Besse, Suzanne Brögger, Martin Crimp, Janusz Glowacki and Lisa Langseth was been presented there.

In several productions there has been original music and/or musical theatre written by: 
Tony Blomdahl (SE)
Anna Eriksson (SE)
Lars Indrek Hansson (SE)
Dan Tommi Hildén (FI)
Mansoor Hosseini (SE)
Atli Ingólfsson (IS)
Johannes Lundberg (SE)
Ning (NO)
Anna Svensdotter (SE)


The international and national programme at the venue has presented several productions performed and co-produced for Gothenburg. Some of these are:

Dieserud/Lindgren produksjoner (NO) – Korall Koral & Up In The Mountains
Erik Dæhlin (NO – Description Of An Image & Desiring Machines
Grusomhetens Teater (NO) – Amazonas, Last Song & Lament
Institutet (SE/DE) – Sigurd The Knight Of The Cross
Boris Nikitin (SZ) – Imitations Of Life
Ny Musikk Bergen (NO) – Lohengrin
Manuel Pelmus (RO) – Preview

Amund Sjølie Sveen (NO) – Economic Theory For Dummies
S.L.A.T.U.R (IS) – Workshops and performances