Performed at Atalante 1-2 February 2018


With Skuggar (Shadows, 2009), a play by Jon Fosse, Norwegian company De Utvalgte presents an artistic work joining contemporary dance, music making, theatre and art performance. Skuggar is played in a landscape of immateriality, and the characters presents familiar relationships: children, parents, couples, the ones in love. Hidden emotional memories flow to the surface as would it be the sensations of a wakening body.

”The play encourages each one of us to ask questions of existence as well as be amazed over who we are and what role we play in each others lives” says director Kari Holtan.
This is one of the productions of a play by Jon Fosse that has the longest running time, and is shown on ever new venues worldwide.

”De Utvalgte is a company that always surprise in their ability for ongoing change, and  use artistic expressions which makes them pioneers and scientists of their field”, theatre critic Therese Bjørneboe has said. De Utvalgte is currently working on a major new performance.

Producer GIT  – Gothenburg International Theatre aims to curate international performing arts in the west of Sweden. Skuggar, as performed the 1st and 2nd of February 2018, is a co-production between Atalante, GIT//Cinnober and De Utvalgte. Performed in Norwegian. Subtitles in Swedish.