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Vi är glada att än en gång få välkomna Zhenya Topov tillbaka till Göteborg. Mer fysisk teater och lek som bygger på bland annat tekniker och teorier utvecklade av Jaques Lecoq. Vi fortsätter att utforska skapandet av karaktärer utifrån den fysiska kroppen.

PHYSICAL THEATRE – Character Development
16 – 17 april 
kl 10 – 16 båda dagarna
Workshop med Zhenya Topov

The workshop will once again focus on creating characters starting with our bodies. This time we will go deeper, adding the world of materials to elements, animals and human axis of polarities (over/under, inward/outward to name a few.) This later polarity work is a wonderful fun way to find play, character articulation and dramatic tension in theatrical writing. It is the original work of clown pedagogue, therapist and horticulturalist Giovanni Fusetti (www.helikos.org). Giovanni was a head pedagogue at Lecoq for many years before starting his own Helikos International School for Theatre Creation. 

Having studied with Giovanni for three years, I am now thrilled to share this work with theatre practitioners looking for a physical way in to creating a role, as well as writers looking for more playful ways to write, as well as dancers looking for more theatricality and narrative and in fact with anyone interested in human play and flow.

As well as the above, the workshop will focus on: Play states, animal resonances, observing mimodynamics of elements, animals and materials and transposing them with the human body for the stage. Lecoq's movements for actor training. Physical theatre improvisation technique, mime technique (pushing, pulling, being pushed, being pulled, fixed point), and spacial awareness.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Just bring a strong desire to play and create.

Hope to see you soon and all the best
Zhenya Topov

Zhenya Topov är skådespelare, regissör och pedagog utbildad vid American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York) och Helikos International School of Theater Creation (Florens).

Tid:16 -17 april, kl 10.00 – 16.00 båda dagarna
Cinnobers scen, Masthuggsterrassen 3
Pris: 800 kr (studenter och arbetslösa 700 kr)
Sista anmälninsdag 1 april

Anmälan till info@cinnoberteater.com
Anmälningsavgift 300 kr sätts in på Bankgiro som du får vid anmälan
Har du frågor maila eller ring 0707 92 88 98


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